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Zoo Officials Suddenly Lose Patience With Shawsnake

Last we heard, officials at the Bronx Zoo were just going to wait it out until Shawsnake got too comfortable or too hungry and emerged from whatever dark recesses of the reptile house she’s been hiding in. Could take weeks, they said, but no biggie! Only a handful of weirdos are being kept from visiting the reptile house anyway. But apparently they’re starting to feel some pressure. Perhaps the zoo’s embarrassed warden director told them that he wants Shawsnake found “not tomorrow, not after breakfast — now!” Because as the Post reports… it’s a trap!:

Bronx Zoo staffers are resorting to creative methods to catch a deadly Egyptian cobra that remains at large after five days.

Among the techniques the snake catchers are using are traps baited with live mice, according to a source.

But Glenn Johnson, world-renowned rattlesnake handler and chairman of the Department of Biology at SUNY Potsdam, said there are better ways to catch a cobra.

Seriously. Shawsnake wasn’t just born yesterday. Granted, it was born only three months ago, which is pretty close.

Mice try in search for cobra [NYP]

Zoo Officials Suddenly Lose Patience With Shawsnake