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No Health Care for Suspected Terrorists, But Guns? Sure!

Two hundred and forty-seven people on the federal government’s terrorism watch list purchased guns in 2010, and it was perfectly legal. After all, just because you’re on the list doesn’t mean you’ve been convicted of anything. The AP reports:

The government can only prevent people from buying guns for any of 11 reasons. Convicted felons and illegal immigrants, for example, cannot buy weapons. But the terrorist watch list is different. People become convicted felons only after a court process and an opportunity to defend themselves. The watch list is secret and generated at the government’s discretion. It is not a list of people convicted of terrorism crimes….

So if you’re on the terrorism watch list, the government will go out of its way to make sure you don’t receive any free health care. But if you want to buy some deadly weapons, hey, none of our business.

247 people on terror watch list buy guns in 2010 [AP]

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No Health Care for Suspected Terrorists, But Guns? Sure!