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Donald Trump on Today: I Have People in Hawaii Researching Obama’s Birth

Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t ramp up his birtherism any more, this morning on the Today show he announced he has “people who have been studying it, and they cannot believe what they are finding.” Startled, interviewer Meredith Vieira asked if Trump meant he had researchers on the ground in Hawaii, and he responded, “Absolutely.” The Donald, apparently, is not a believer in fellow potential GOP candidate Mike Huckabee’s philosophy, which is that if there was something to find in Hawaii, Hillary Clinton’s people would have found it. (That sounds about right to us.) And Trump’s researchers have apparently just started work, because they’re giving him bad information. During this morning’s interview, he told Vieira: “You know what? His grandmother in Kenya said he was born in Kenya, and she was there and witnessed the birth.” That is a birther myth that has been debunked. (Unfortunately, Vieira doesn’t correct him or call him on the mistake.) Despite all this, Trump still says he is only just “starting to think he was not born in the United States.” As of three weeks ago, he didn’t question Obama’s place of birth.

Below, the edited version of the interview, in which Trump says America is “going to hell,” he doesn’t care about Libya “unless we get to keep the oil,” and “the world laughs at us.”

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Donald Trump on Today: I Have People in Hawaii Researching Obama’s Birth