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Former Philly Co-anchor Says Alycia Lane Totally Made Out With Him

Los Angeles morning-news anchor Alycia Lane just can’t stay out of the headlines. First she gets busted sending pictures of herself in a bikini to NFL network host Rich Eisen at an e-mail account he shared with his wife (not smooth!). Then, she gets arrested for allegedly punching a female cop in the face while in a drunken rage and yelling, “I am a reporter, you f—king dyke bitch!” (even less smooth!). And now she’s having her dirty laundry aired in a contentious lawsuit between herself and another former colleague, Larry Mendte. Mendte, Lane’s former co-anchor at the local CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, says the two had a sultry — but PG-13 — affair seven years ago. This in part explains why, he says, he went on to hack into her e-mail and share personal exchanges between her and Eisen with gossip columns (a crime to which he pleaded guilty and over which he got fired).

In a deposition, Mendte explains the details of their affair. From the Post:

So, basically, he claims they were having an affair, and also that they were in the tenth grade. (Lane denies any affair and calls Mendte “a sociopathic narcissist.”) The irony here is that the lawsuit in which all of these humiliatingly childish details surfaced is one that Lane is filing against Mendte — for damaging her reputation.

Sizzling anchor antics revealed in bitter lawsuit [NYP]

Former Philly Co-anchor Says Alycia Lane Totally Made Out With Him