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It’s Time to Play ‘Guess Who Donald Trump Is Castigating!’

Over the past week, when not busy claiming that President Obama was born abroad/being proven wrong about Obama being born abroad, Donald Trump has made headlines by mocking the success of Jerry Seinfeld’s Marriage Ref and questioning the mental capabilities of Robert De Niro. All par for the course for a guy who has a long history of personally attacking his adversaries at the slightest provocation, or even non-adversaries without provocation. The man just enjoys pointing out the many ways that people are worse than himself! We’ve put together this quiz to see if you can match Trump’s condescending insults with their victims.

“Your breath is very bad”

“A terrible human being. Terrible. He's a miserable, horrible guy.”

“Overweight editor with bad hair”

“Probably the least innocent person I've ever seen”

“As phony as a $20 Rolex”

“He will always be third-class”

“So incompetent, so bad, so evil”

“The worst president ever”

“Extremely weak, ineffective, and a poor negotiator”

“The most highly overrated person in television”

“Probably the dumbest person on television”

“Just a terrible, disgusting human being”

“No talent whatsoever”


“Horrible manager”

“Hitler lover”

“A lunatic”

“She set the women's movement back 50 years. She is a living nightmare, and to be married to her must be like living in hell.”

“Maybe one of the most unattractive human beings I've ever seen”

“I just don't even find her attractive”

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It’s Time to Play ‘Guess Who Donald Trump Is Castigating!’