Madoff Daughter-in-Law Shops Book Deal

A cottage publishing industry has already sprung up around Bernie Madoff, with a dozen related books already out, including Times reporter Diana B. Henriques’s just-published The Wizard of Lies. Now, a different kind of tell-all is apparently in the works from the widow of Mark Madoff, Bernie’s son who committed suicide last year. So far, the project has been kept quiet, so quiet that even Madoff family members haven’t been told.

Publishers have been clamoring for family members to tell their story, and now industry sources report that Bernie’s daughter-in-law Stephanie has been shopping a book proposal, accompanied by agent Steve Troha of Folio Literary Management. Stephanie changed her last name to Morgan to distance herself from the scandal but apparently isn’t interested in leaving the Madoff name completely behind. Publishers say she would tell the emotional story of a strong-minded woman overcoming tragedy and moving ahead with life. She has told editors from imprints at Hachette Book Group and HarperCollins that she has a couple of letters from Bernie.

For months, Stephanie kept the project secret, even insisting to some Madoffs that the project doesn’t exist. “She denied it point-blank,” said one family member. Told of the book proposal, family members expressed concern, since they say Stephanie wasn’t close to many of them. “I don’t think she has enough inside information or smarts to tease out anything readable,” another family member said. Still, they’re worried. Stephanie is furious at her father-in-law, and they fear that any “trash talk” would further hurt the family and especially Madoff’s grandchildren.

Attempts to reach Troha and a spokesperson for Stephanie Morgan were unavailing.

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Madoff Daughter-in-Law Shops Book Deal