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Mob Boss Explains Boobs to Court

If you’ve ever seen a mob movie or TV show, you know that members of the mafia have a language all their own. Which is not exactly helpful when other people — like, say, jurors — are trying to understand what the hell you’re talking about. Consequently, as his testimony continued yesterday, Bonanno family boss Joseph Massino “spent much of [the day] explaining the terminology and context of the conversations that he secretly recorded for federal authorities,” the Times reports:

In one instance, Taryn A. Merkl, a federal prosecutor, asked Mr. Massino what he meant when he said in the recording, “Vic, Vic was a boob,” referring to Mr. Massino’s former private investigator.

That he was a boob,” Mr. Massino responded.

What did you conclude about that?” she pressed further.

And that’s why it took most of the day.

At a Mafia Murder Trial, a Lesson in Mob Jargon [NYT]

Mob Boss Explains Boobs to Court