New York to Get Official State Dog?

Two state legislators have introduced a bill attempting to name an official state dog for New York. Assemblyman Micah Kellner and State Senator Joseph E. Robach are behind the effort. So what breed best symbolizes us here in the Empire State? The pocket-size Pomeranian, to represent the cramped quarters in our city? The giddy golden retriever to represent our happy upstate families, with their sprawling farms and same-same subdivisions? The labradoodle, because we’re fancy? The Great Dane, because we’re strong and bold (and have heart problems)? The beagle, just because?

None of the above. If Kellner and Robach have their way, our state mascot will be a … rescue dog.

You know what? Sounds about right.

New York May Get State Dog, Can We Keep Him? [VV]

New York to Get Official State Dog?