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As Cuomo Launches Statewide Marriage Equality Tour, Foes Pledge $1.5 Million

Today Governor Andrew Cuomo kicked off his statewide “People First” tour, during which he’ll pitch the public on his three main legislative objectives for this session: ethics reform, a property tax cap, and marriage equality. The National Organization for Marriage, an anti-gay group, didn’t wait long before kicking into gear. The Daily News reported today that they’ve pledged $500,000 to fight against any bill that would allow same sex couples to marry. NOM has also promised to spend $1 million in the next election to protect their allies and target their own enemies to combat against the threat that LGBT advocates would work to vote out state senators who oppose such a bill (as they did with two state senators in last year’s election). To counter an ad from the marriage equality coalition New Yorkers United For Marriage, NOM has released their own, sinister-toned ad.

Here’s the NOM ad:

Politifact has extensively debunked the above claim about children being taught about gay marriage in Massachusetts public schools. The single example that NOM could provide to the non-partisan factchecking group was one that had been examined and rejected by multiple courts.

Below, here’s the pro-marriage equality ad:

Quite different tactics, you’ll note.

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As Cuomo Launches Statewide Marriage Equality Tour, Foes Pledge $1.5 Million