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Today Is the Day the World May End [Updated: Not Just Yet]

As you probably know, a small but vocal Christian set, led by Family Radio founder Harold Camping, is vehemently convinced that Judgment Day is May 21. Which is … today! Ack! So how are people handling it? Amy, a 27-year-old believer handing out flyers in Union Square, told the Post she’s paid all her bills, and she’s “afraid for all the people who don’t believe the world is ending.” Meanwhile, a New Yorker on Craigslist wrote, “If you’re someone who will be saved and you live in one of the more desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn I’d be interested in subletting until your return.”

In any case, the Rapture is expected to hit New York around 6 p.m. or so, via some catastrophic event, which leaves you with only a few more hours to do all the things you didn’t do when you didn’t think the world was ending. Go nuts. But if you wake up tomorrow in a world that still exists and you’re suddenly filled with regrets, or you’ve been arrested … blame Christianity.

Update: According to Camping, the Rapture was supposed to have hit New Zealand at around 1 a.m EST (6 p.m. in New Zealand), but inhabitants of New Zealand this morning confirmed they are still in existence. “Kiwis said there were no signs of the dead rising from the grave, nor of the living ascending into the clouds to meet Jesus Christ,” the Telegraph reports. “Likewise, no reports of chaos were heard from Christmas Island in Kiribati, where the super-earthquake was set to hit first.”

But don’t let that stop you. We’d still like to encourage you to follow through on whatever your last day plans were, just in case. Plus, “Two minor earthquakes did hit the Pacific earlier in the day, measuring 3.1 and 4.8 and not triggering any tsunami warnings, but earthquakes of that magnitude are a regular occurrence in the region.” Ahhhhhhhhh!

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Today Is the Day the World May End [Updated: Not Just Yet]