Basically Every State Begging Dennis Kucinich to Move There

Ohio lost two House seats to Census-mandated reapportionment, and it looks like eight-term congressman Dennis Kucinich’s district might get the ax. When America heard this, according to Kucinich’s press secretary, everyone was like, “Dennis, please move here and represent us in Congress!”

After people found out that Congressman Kucinich’s district could be eliminated or substantially altered in congressional redistricting by the Ohio Legislature’s Republican majority, Congressman Kucinich received requests from people in twenty states, including Washington State, encouraging him to move and run in their area …. Congressman Kucinich appreciates the interest expressed in his public service. As he has repeatedly said, he fully intends to remain in Congress; he just doesn’t know in what district he will run.

Kucinich has been spending a lot of time in Washington in particular. Not only is the state a natural fit for an ultraliberal vegan peacenik environmentalist, but, in contrast to Ohio, Washington is adding a district, so he wouldn’t even have to run against an incumbent. There are even indigenous elders for him and his wife to hang out with. Indigenous elders. Screw you, Ohio.

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Basically Every State Begging Dennis Kucinich to Move There