Here Is a Twitter Fight That Happened Today Between Observer Editor Elizabeth Spiers and Adweek Editor Michael Wolff

Now, I know, many of you saw that headline and went temporarily blind from boredom. But I promise, there is a drip of amusement to be sucked out of this lengthy, self-aggrandizing chain of tweets. Because, you see, it reveals a hidden conflict that literally everybody (at least nine people in media!) has been talking about for weeks. Elizabeth Spiers thinks Michael Wolff is out to get her (and to be fair, there’s evidence) because of a years-old beef that neither of them have talked about. It’s a beef about an affair! (Not between them.) And somehow Norwood is involved. Come on, at least two more of you must now want to read on.

It all started with this RT Wolff did, when some random tweeter with only 120 followers implied that Spiers should be upset that her friend (and successor at Gawker, and sometime Observer scribe) Choire Sicha wrote for Wolff’s Adweek.

Then, for no reason, Wolff shot off a catty aside about the Daily, which will become important later. [UPDATE: Adweek writer Dylan Byers very correctly pointed out to me — via Twitter DM, fittingly — that this below Tweet is about the Daily Beast, and not The Daily. It even says “Beast,” and the word “Daily” does not appear. This is what happens to people like me when you report so much about the media you could use its anus as a neckwarmer. You see shit.]

Elizabeth was somehow really offended at the idea that Wolff was her fan. (God, what a jerk.)

Wolff tried to curb his natural instincts and not fight fire with fire, but instead to appease her. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite pull it off. (I had too look up “tetchy,” because I am not a ” flâneur.”)

This is when it gets sort of ad hominem and weird. Spiers, I think, is referencing a recent Adweek hit piece on her in which one or more former New York staffers who worked with her during her very brief stint here slagged off on her. It seems like Wolff could have been one of those unnamed sources.

Then Hunter Walker, who is apparently the media reporter for the tablet-only tabloid The Daily, inserts himself into the catfight. (Maybe because Wolff had slammed his publication just a few tweets prior.)

This is a rumor that’s been going around. Spiers certainly thinks it’s true. But Lord knows how Norwood fits into this.

The “fling” or “affair” everyone’s talking about is the one Wolff had with Vanity Fair intern freelance fact-checker Victoria Floethe, broken and covered extensively by Spiers’s alma mater Gawker. It reportedly ended his marriage, by the way.

Damn, that’s just cold.

Okay, now Dylan Byers, the author of the Adweek hit pieces on Spiers, chimes in. He says that Wolff was not one of his sources.

Okay, now it just devolves into nerd bitchiness. It’s too bad Kanye’s not in this fight.

Welcome AllThingsD media reporter Peter Kafka, everyone!

Before you say, out loud, that you’re so glad you’re not a media person, remember: One of these people, once, was getting laid by an intern a freelance fact-checker.

Here Is a Twitter Fight That Happened Today Between Observer Editor Elizabeth Spiers and Adweek Editor Michael Wolff