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Rush Limbaugh Said These Words Today: ‘Thank God for President Obama’ [Updated]

A sign that the post-Osama haze of unity has taken hold of American society (if only fleetingly): Rush Limbaugh opened his radio show today with effusive praise for President Obama. True, much of the praise was directed at Obama merely for continuing some of the anti-terror policies of George W. Bush. But Limbaugh also went out of his way to laud the prescience of Obama’s decision to go with a surgical special-ops strike that could recover proof of Bin Laden’s death, as opposed to bombing the hell out of the place and hoping the world takes our word for it. “Thank God for president Obama,” Limbaugh said. “If he had not been there, who knows what would have happened. It was only Obama who understood the need to get DNA, to prove that was Bin laden that we had assassinated.” Cherish this moment.**

Limbaugh: ‘We Need To Open The Program Today By Congratulating President Obama’ [Mediaite]

**After viewing the video a second time (thanks, commenter hicountryho), we think he might actually just be using a ton of sarcasm here. But if Limbaugh is mocking the idea that Obama alone, against the wishes of all his military and intelligence advisers, came up with the plan that killed bin Laden, he’s attacking a straw man. Nobody has suggested that Obama alone is responsible for killing bin Laden. Far from demonstrating that post-Osama unity has arrived, Limbaugh’s opening remarks — assuming they are, in fact, sarcastic — prove the exact opposite: Some people will always be too small and bitter to give the opposition credit for anything.

Update: Via Media Matters, here’s Limbaugh mocking media outlets for missing his sarcasm. In retrospect, it was pretty obvious, and we should have realized it immediately. Maybe we just failed to understand the depths of Limbaugh’s pettiness.

Rush Limbaugh Said These Words Today: ‘Thank God for President Obama’ [Updated]