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Traveling With Roger Ailes Is ‘Like a Scene Straight Out of 24

From a profile in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone:

Ailes begins each workday buffered by the elaborate private security detail that News Corp. pays to usher him from his $1.6 million home in New Jersey to his office in Manhattan. (His country home - in the aptly named village of Garrison - is phalanxed by empty homes that Ailes bought up to create a wider security perimeter.) Traveling with the Chairman is like a scene straight out of 24. A friend recalls hitching a ride with Ailes after a power lunch: “We come out of the building and there’s an SUV filled with big guys, who jump out of the car when they see him. A cordon is formed around us. We’re ushered into the SUV, and we drive the few blocks to Fox’s offices, where another set of guys come out of the building to receive ‘the package.’ The package is taken in, and I’m taken on to my destination.”

Ailes, like his outgoing colleague Glenn Beck, is very, very paranoid.

Or maybe he’s just afraid the Republican Party will want to get revenge on him for what he’s done to them.

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory [Rolling Stone via Gawker]
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Traveling With Roger Ailes Is ‘Like a Scene Straight Out of 24