Anthony Weiner’s Fifth Online Lady Friend ‘Accidentally’ Comes Forward

Another way Weinergate mirrors the Tiger Woods scandal? The steady, almost daily unveiling of one of the congressman’s online flirt buddies. Today, the Las Vegas Sun prints a (not particularly raunchy) Facebook conversation between Weiner and Woman Number Five: Traci Nobles, a 35-year-old from Athens, Georgia, who “works in physical education and health fitness promotion for elementary and middle schools.” Like Weiner’s other lady friends, she likely caught his attention after she publicly expressed her attraction to him online:

Unlike the other Weiner Women, however, Nobles never intended for their relationship to go public — or at least that’s what she claims. She tells the Sun that an “unnamed roommate went into her Facebook account, which had been inadvertently left open, and emailed the Sun a screen shot of a private conversation” she’d had with Weiner in August.

If she lives in Georgia, and Weiner is from New York, why e-mail the Las Vegas Sun? No idea. But, anyway, wow. We thought our roommate was bad for eating that slice of pizza. Nobles’s roommate got her embroiled in a congressional sex scandal.

Another Rep. Weiner sexting partner emerges, reluctantly [Las Vegas Sun]

Anthony Weiner’s Fifth Online Lady Friend ‘Accidentally’ Comes Forward