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Bachmann-Palin Frenemy Relationship Quickly Moving Into Pure Enemy Territory [Updated]

How long can the facade of friendship and mutual respect between Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin hold? Yesterday, Bachmann’s campaign manager, Ed Rollins, savaged Palin’s seriousness, and today the sniping continues from both camps in a Politico story. An unnamed “Palin associate” whispers that the ex-governor “has expressed ‘disdain’” for Bachmann, while Rollins insists that when voters compare the two candidates, they’ll say, “I gotta make a choice and go with the intelligent woman who’s every bit as attractive.” The intelligent woman. [Politico]

Update: Not surprisingly, the back-and-forth has continued today, again moderated by Politico. Palin chief of staff Michael Glassner said Rollins was “sticking his foot in his mouth” and “fueling a contrived narrative,” and he predicted a retraction was forthcoming. Rollins, while admitting to making a comment he “shouldn’t have made,” also doesn’t sound like he’s going to take back what he said about Palin. “What’s the retraction?” he asks, rhetorically. “I say she’s serious?” Heh.

Later, a Bachmann adviser sent over a statement to Politico reiterating the Minnesota congresswoman’s “admiration and respect for Governor Palin.” At this point, though, the (ahem) “contrived” Bachmann-Palin feud narrative is a runaway train, and tossing a conciliatory statement in front of it won’t do much good.

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Bachmann-Palin Frenemy Relationship Quickly Moving Into Pure Enemy Territory [Updated]