Democrats Trying Very Hard to Make Congress Unbearable for Anthony Weiner

In the classic Seinfeld episode “The Voice,” George’s boss at Play Now learns that he’s been keeping a horrible secret: George had been pretending to be handicapped. Play Now obviously wants nothing to do with George at this point, but they can’t fire him. Instead, they do everything they can to convince him to leave on his own by making his employment there miserable. They tell him to “go to hell” as he passes by in the hallway. They turn the heat up to 120 degrees. They even force him to crawl through an air vent just to get into his office.

This is, essentially, the playbook that House Democrats are now using against Anthony Weiner, another man who has become persona non grata following the disclosure of his own horrible secret. Weiner can’t be fired from the House (yet), but each day his colleagues try to get him to resign on his own, whether through public condemnations, pressure from the president, or now, threats to strip Weiner of his committee assignments.

House Democratic leaders could begin the process of taking away Rep. Anthony Weiner’s committee assignments today as part of a final push to force him from office, even as a minor backlash against calls for his resignation has emerged from one corner of the caucus.

Don’t be surprised if Weiner returns from sex rehab to find the door to his office boarded up.

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Democrats Trying Very Hard to Make Congress Unbearable for Anthony Weiner