DSK Has a Fascinating Book He’d Like to Recommend

Seriously, he thinks you’ll really enjoy it, if you’re anything like him! The True Story of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, by Michel Taubmann, is a biography of the disgraced former IMF chief that was first published in May, before DSK was accused of raping a hotel maid at the Sofitel hotel. It will be rereleased this week in France with updates that, says the Times, “can be seen as an attempt to bolster his defense,” sort of the opposite of O.J.’s If I Did It.

For instance: The book, not yet available in English, will now feature an interview with DSK’s wife, Anne Sinclair, who says that the couple will surely emerge from this whole thing with their marriage just peachy-keen, thanks so much for asking:

There’s also a denial from DSK (from a March interview included in the book) that he attacked French writer Tristine Banon, who is now filing charges against DSK. “Do you see me throwing a woman on the floor and being violent, as she claims it?” he asks chummily of the readers. His sister, who acknowledges that she doesn’t know the details of what happened in New York, comes to DSK’s defense by citing his excellent upbringing and “the values of our education, which are just the opposite of all physical violence.”

The Times obtained a copy of a deleted (at her publisher’s behest after a DSK complaint) chapter from a 2003 book by Banon, Confessed Mistakes; of DSK, she writes, “He wants to go fast. The ogre, he wants to devour his prey.” Not explicit about what happened or didn’t, but also not exactly painting a picture of a gentle soul, either. If you buy only one book for the beach this summer, DSK does not suggest that one.

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DSK Has a Fascinating Book He’d Like to Recommend