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Explaining Weinergate to a Celebrity

Last night at a party to celebrate the installation of the KAWS Companion (Passing Through) statue at the Standard, we caught up with Samantha Ronson, who was juking and bouncing in her D.J. booth. Taking a break for a moment, we asked her about the news story of the week: Weinergate. Turns out she didn’t know one thing about it — even though she’s active on Twitter and, er, lives in the world. “The only wiener I know is the Oscar Mayer one,” she said. “I missed it. The whole thing passed right by … Wait, is his real name Weiner?”

Below is what happens when you try to explain a political sex scandal to a semi-celeb.

At first, Ronson didn’t think it was that out of line. “He’s supposed to [tweet his junk],” she said. “His name is Weiner!”

Sure, he was living up to his name, but was it, we wondered, appropriate?

Is he married?” she asked. We nodded. “Ohhhhhh. Okay …”

And his wife is pregnant,” we continued.

How pregnant is she?” she asked.

Three months.”

Well, that’s messed up,” she said, “‘Cause he still could be having sex with her.”

Explaining Weinergate to a Celebrity