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Gay Celebs Answer the ‘So Now Are You Going to Finally Do It?’ Question

Soon after Friday’s historic ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, Daily Intel noted that gay couples will now have to put up with the same nosy questions that straights have long endured: When are you getting married? (Soon to be followed by: When are you having children?) Ha, right? So there we were, chatting with newly out CNN anchor Don Lemon at Monday’s Trevor Live event, and just like annoying Aunt Sadie, we asked if he and his partner of four years are planning on tying the knot. After a long, awkward pause, Lemon laughed and said, “Listen, I am not planning on getting married. I’m not planning on not getting married.” Another pause. “You mean, you’re asking me if I’m planning on getting married in the near future?” Yes, that’s what we’re asking, we pressed.

Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to get married. And I think that now that, you know, there is a possibility for me to get married, I think that, yeah, one day I would like to get married, and maybe soon,” Lemon said. “I have no immediate plans, but I say why not? I am in a very happy, very solid relationship, so sure, one day I’d like to get married, and I might do it.”

Obviously Lemon was not comfortable talking about this, but just like Aunt Sadie never takes the hint, we blustered on with questions about this hypothetical wedding. When our conversation ended and Lemon was walking away, we overheard him say to his rep, “Did I dance around that enough?”

Trevor Project’s interim executive director, David MacFarland, who was with his partner at the event, similarly sidestepped the issue. “We live in California, where it’s not legal,” he laughed. So are you going to wait until it is? we demanded. “I don’t know. We’ll talk about that,” MacFarland said nervously.

Johnny Weir? “Well, I need a boyfriend first. And I don’t see that happening in the near future, unfortunately.”

Even Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos — who are already married — couldn’t escape our nagging them about what kind of wedding their friends Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka should have, despite the fact that they haven’t spoken to them since the Tony Awards. “I’m very excited at the idea,” Ripa began. “I mean, to me they’ve always been married, since I’ve known them.” We asked if she recommends a flashy wedding. “I would, because we eloped, and I feel like we’ve always missed that great big party,” she said. Consuelos agreed that they should go over the top. “Liberace-esque. Emphasis on the Liberace,” he said.

Being the nosy Intel that we are, we’ve actually been asking this question since before the bill passed. Two weeks ago at the amfAR gala, we cornered Cheyenne Jackson and his partner of eleven years, Monte Lapka, to ask if they intended to marry. “I haven’t been asked yet, and I ain’t got no ring,” Jackson said. “Want to marry me?” he asked a mortified Lapka, who replied, “I’m not answering that with a live microphone in my face.” What, like it’s none of our business?

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Gay Celebs Answer the ‘So Now Are You Going to Finally Do It?’ Question