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Goldman Sachs Allegedly Has A ‘Private Grill’ at Shake Shack

When Goldman Sachs moved down to their new headquarters on West Street last year, the locals were suspicious. But then lo and behold, the company brought in all kinds of new businesses, including, most recently, an outpost of Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack. There, young employees of the Squid stood shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the populace, waiting for the Shack’s famed burgers just like anybody else. For a while, there was harmony. Until today.

A tipster told Dealbreaker:

Standing next to ordinary people is one thing. Eating food from the same grill, apparently, is quite another.
Update: A spokesman for Goldman denies that the company has a “private grill,” though we are fairly certain he is lying and/or doesn’t know the secret password.

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Goldman Sachs Allegedly Has A ‘Private Grill’ at Shake Shack