How Do You Solve a Problem Like Devorah?

If you’ve read Daily Intel for a few years, you probably remember Devorah Rose, the editor of Social Life magazine out in the Hamptons. We saw her score and then lose her first reality show. Then we saw her appear in another one, and another one, and even one on MTV. Then she made the leap to regular reality-show cast member on High Society, a show so wretched we wouldn’t even recap it. (Although we, ourselves — in the form of Intel Mike — did make a cameo.) Perhaps at the apex of her fame, she used us to try and pick a fight with alpha-socialite Tinsley Mortimer. But really, we’d watch her do anything.

We know Devorah. Devorah is our kind of gal — spunky, ridiculous, determined, expensively dressed, and completely incapable of receiving or interpreting any negative exterior feedback. She is, in a word, shameless. For all her televised flaws, it’s hard not to love her for that attribute, if nothing else. But for some reason, the New York Times, which finally discovers her in a Thursday “Styles” profile to be published tomorrow, cannot figure her out. They set her up as a sort of striving outsider chronicler of life in the Hamptons, through her magazine Social Life. Then they get two other outsider chroniclers of life in the Hamptons to tear her down:

I was able to come to this country and make it in the Hamptons!” [Devorah] shouted, as she barreled down the Montauk Highway near Bridgehampton recently, banging on the steering wheel of her Audi A4 to the beat of Rihanna blaring on the radio. “It’s the American way!”

Devorah made a job for herself, and a name for herself here,” said David Patrick Columbia, who has visited the area for nearly four decades and chronicles the lives of the well-to-do on his site, “But that’s not making it in the Hamptons.”

So meta, right? Society writers crapping another society writer, in the society pages. And today, Devorah took it to the next level, going to her social network to crap on Times writer Laura Holson. “I’m misquoted throughout the piece. The age thing is a joke that she makes into a big deal. The entire story is a huge piece of crap,” she posted on Facebook. “The journalist is a lying bag of shit who promised me a million things up and down. All lies. What a pathetic, unhappy life she must live.”

Who wants to go to the Hamptons this summer?

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Devorah?