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Mitt Romney: President Obama Is European

In his speech in New Hampshire this afternoon announcing the candidacy that we’d all taken as a given for the past two years or so, Mitt Romney made it very clear: He’s not a fan of President Obama. Not a fan of his handling of the economy, not a fan of his foreign policy, not a fan of his pre-presidential résumé. (“If you want to create jobs, it helps to have actually had a job, and I have,” Romney said at one point, seeming to imply that Obama has been unemployed his entire life.) And while Romney doesn’t think Obama was born in Kenya, he did hint that he may be European. Some highlights:

He’s treating Israel the same way so many European countries have: with suspicion, distrust, and an assumption that Israel is at fault 

Here at home, the president seems to take his inspiration not from the small towns and villages of New Hampshire but from the capitals of Europe 

With the economy in crisis, his answer is to borrow money we can’t afford and throw it at Washington bureaucrats and politicians. Just like Europe 

We should give Obama a test: If, like Romney’s dad, Obama can throw a bunch of nails into his mouth and then spit them out point-first, he is American. If not, he is Swedish, or perhaps Dutch.

Mitt Romney: President Obama Is European