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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Talk Twins

Neil Patrick Harris has been in New York for several weeks, hard at work preparing for his hosting gig at Sunday’s Tony Awards. His partner, David Burtka, is with him at their Harlem home, and they’re showing the couple’s 8-month-old twins, Gideon and Harper, the city. “They’re enjoying New York; they’re able to wander more here than in L.A. This is more of a walking town, so we’ve strapped on the Baby Björns plenty of times, and they like to see all that there is to see here,” Harris told us at the premiere of Company, the film of the concert version of Stephen Sondheim’s musical.

Burtka, a chef and an actor, has been attending to his own business affairs while in town, but he filled us in on the family stuff at the premiere. “I’ve been taking care of a lot of babies, as you know, so I spend a lot of my days doing that. And we’ve been going out to dinner; we’ve seen almost every Broadway show there is,” he said. “They love it, but it’s hard with their schedule because they’re up for two hours, down for two hours. It just keeps going on. They’re sleeping six hours during the day and then twelve hours at night. So it’s hard to get them out and socialize a lot, you know? You’ve got that two-hour window. We go to the park and lunch and things like that.”

So do the babies scream in public places like restaurants? “They are the most fantastic kids,” Burtka said. “We have been blessed with two perfect little angels. Happy and sleeping, and it’s a godsend. We’re thrilled.”

Of course, they have help. “We brought a nanny as well, because, you know, I need some time for my things going on as well,” Burtka told us. “But she’s great.” Even out of Los Angeles, that nanny’s life must be pretty surreal. When NPH and Burtka took the family out to the Hamptons, they stayed with their “friends Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos,” naturally.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Talk Twins