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Paris Hilton Blows Off Some Steam by Doing What She Does Best

Paris Hilton’s Oxygen show garnered disappointing ratings. Piers Morgan forced her to talk about her 2004 sex tape again, in front of her own mother. And then, on The View, Barbara Walters threw Hilton some curveballs:

Walters criticized Hilton for complaining in the first episode [of her Oxygen show] about her hours of community service. She also questioned Hilton’s claims of doing charity work and her desire to help other female prisoners. Walters asked, “Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?” Afterward, Paris berated a “View” producer, upset at the tone of the interview.

Down and out, Hilton returned to her roots: According to the Post, she spontaneously canceled all subsequent media appearances and spent the night partying with her sister at some of Manhattan’s “Page Six”–iest spots — Gansevoort, Darby, Avenue, and 1 Oak — before winding up at beloved pizza place Artichoke. You know, doing the stuff that actually made her famous. After those antics, she skipped her Stateside interviews to take off for Spain, where she supported the ol’ “Paris Hilton motorcycle racing team.” And her point’s well-taken: Walters may have gotten Hilton on a couple of questions, and maybe people aren’t watching her Oxygen show, sure. But how many among us can say they have their own Spanish motorcycling crew? Yeah. That’s what she thought.

Walters grilling burns Paris [Page Six/NYP]

Paris Hilton Blows Off Some Steam by Doing What She Does Best