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Parts of Williamsburg to Lose Hip Palindromic 11211 ZIP Code

Curbed today brings us the distressing news that, because of a “large increase in population and in the number of companies doing business,” WIlliamsburg is set to be torn asunder. Instead of mostly co-existing underneath the one 11211 ZIP code, half of the neighborhood will be subject to the far less cool 11249. It isn’t even a palindrome! Since I work with a bunch of pale-ankled hipsters, I asked around to see what people thought of this.

Here is a list of the various responses* I got:

(1) “How am I supposed to remember that new ZIP code with all my hipster alcoholism and drug use?”
(2) “Since I am a hipster, I only use online bill pay. I pay online for things I don’t even know about. And now I have to go change all those billing addresses?”
(3) “Novelty 11249 sunglasses not nearly as cool as novelty 11211 sunglasses. And what are we hipsters without novelty sunglasses?”
(4) “Great, now number nerds will stop wanting to come here and we’ll get even fewer people with actual skills.”
(5) “That psychic reader/numerologist right outside the Bedford L stop is going to be really pissed. 

What are your worries, Billyburgers?

Population Increase Kills Wburg’s 11211 Zip Code for Many [Curbed]
*Okay, so this may not be exactly how they put their complaints, but this is the way I heard them in my head.

Parts of Williamsburg to Lose Hip Palindromic 11211 ZIP Code