Determined Supporter Is Trying to Fix Rick Santorum’s Google Problem

The only thing stopping former senator Rick Santorum from clinching the GOP presidential nomination, besides the utter indifference of the entire electorate? His well-documented Google Problem. Search for “Rick Santorum” and, thanks to Dan Savage, the top results identify him as a “frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.” Earlier this year, Santorum had seemingly come to terms with his fate, but one supporter isn’t giving up so easily. He/she recently created a Facebook group for mobilizing the dozens of Santorum loyalists out there in an effort to undo this evil, gay curse.

Rick Santorum is a God-fearing man who wants to save unborn children and protect traditional marriage. Because of this, radical left-wing activists launched a Google-bombing campaign so that people searching for his name will find pages full of vile, disgusting filth instead.

What we can do as Christians is to fight back with a Google-bombing campaign of our own. We need to post as many links as we can to (his real site), to help it rise in the search engine ranks and beat the fake sites.

If you have control over any websites, blogs, facebook pages, or anything like that, post a link to, and help fight back against the gay agenda.

The movement has failed so far to pick up steam, probably owing to the aforementioned dearth of people who like Rick Santorum.

Fixing Santorum’s “Google Problem” [Facebook via Concord Monitor]

Determined Supporter Is Trying to Fix Rick Santorum’s Google Problem