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Sarah Palin’s Former Ally Begs Her Not to Run

Radio host and documentarian John Ziegler has made a movie about the media’s crush on Barack Obama and crusade against Sarah Palin. He’s done countless cable interviews in the role of Sarah Palin’s defender. He even organized a protest against David Letterman after the late-night host made a bad joke about Palin’s daughter. At one time, he would have counted himself as a friend of Palin’s. But he gradually lost faith in her over a series of personal slights and frustrating organizational snafus and is now basically begging her not to run for president:

To Ziegler’s dismay, however, he doesn’t think she will.

Ziegler now appears set to unleash “explosive revelations” about Palin, but coming on the heels of Frank Bailey’s book and last week’s underwhelming Palin e-mail trove, we highly doubt he can come up with anything worth caring about.

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Sarah Palin’s Former Ally Begs Her Not to Run