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Ask Our Sex Diarists: Was Anthony Weiner Cheating?

Although Anthony Weiner didn’t physically touch, or even meet, the women with whom he exchanged salacious texts online, a lot of chatter has centered around a fundamental question: Was it cheating? Since we have a host of sexperts at our disposal, we asked a few. Herein, what some of our sex diarists think about Weinergate.

The Female First-Time Fistee
It’s absolutely cheating — cheating is lying, not any particular physical or virtual act — and I hope she leaves him to get on with her own life. Not because cheating is automatic grounds for divorce, but she just seems so smart and together, and he’s so hideously shallow and egotistical. I’m done expecting politicians to be ethical, but I was, of course, shocked that Anthony Weiner of Brooklyn was not already aware that Jewish girls give the best head. Because, duh.

The Newly Shacked-Up Lesbian Testing Out the Strap-On
Each couple has their own definition of “cheating,” so only Mr. and Mrs. Weiner can answer that for themselves. For me, if my girlfriend did that, it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for our relationship, but I wouldn’t like it very much. I would rather she was sending dirty pictures to me, after all. Why does she need to reach out to others? Am I not giving her enough attention? Are we not connecting well? How’s our sex life been lately? Or is it purely about power and a recognition of her sexiness? If I did it, it would be because I was seeking some sort of validation I wasn’t getting in my relationship. And even though our relationship is open, and we’re able to sleep with other people (with lots of strings attached), going behind each other’s backs with this kind of sexual play would seem like a violation.

The Female Editor Teaching Her Cross-Dressing Boyfriend a Lesson
Whether or not he was “cheating” is a question that only he and Huma can answer. I’ve been pretty shocked, since this scandal came to light, by how many otherwise enlightened people seem to think that every marriage is exactly the same, and defined by the exact same rules. But most of all, I don’t care if he cheated — I only relish political sex scandals when they happen to those who’ve made a career out of policing the sexuality of others, and Weiner has never tried to legislate what others do with their wieners (or vadges).

The Injured Photographer Who Dominates Her ‘Puppy’
I don’t think it’s any of our (collective) business what he does privately and we should ignore it. This is between the congressperson and his wife, not the American people. Is it cheating? Who cares?

The Sexed-Up Student With Plenty of Surrogates But No Real Thing
It’s no shock that Bill Clinton officiated Weiner’s wedding ceremony. Although he did not physically cheat (as far as we know), Weiner was still emotionally cheating, which is just as insulting and trust-destroying. His wife should dump his ass and give away the baby! On a serious note, does Weiner not understand how Twitter works?!

The Married Bisexual Porn Lover Trying to Keep Himself From Straying Again
[It wasn’t] cheating physically, but cheating emotionally. If he’s not fulfilled sexually by his wife he should have discussed that with her and worked to come up with a solution. It’s not an easy conversation to have but much easier than his current situation.

The Female Museum Greeter Whose Boyfriend Is Making Up for Lackluster Sex
I think “Weinergate” will blow over in time, but for now it stands to show how powerful social-media websites have become. Who knows what drove Weiner to do what he did, but he had an outlet for it and so the opportunity arose (no pun intended). As people say, the Internet never forgets — you shouldn’t post something as private as he did and think that it would stay a secret. However, people need to step away from their computers and find other hobbies.

Ask Our Sex Diarists: Was Anthony Weiner Cheating?