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25-Year-Old Lower East Side Woman Saved From Suicide

Twenty-five-year-old film editor Telly Ramos was pulled to safety by an NYPD officer on Friday, as she was falling off her roof, attempting to kill herself. Moments before she jumped from her Essex Street rooftop — in some fashionable boots, we might add — she said sad things to cops: “Everything has gone bad at once. I’m sorry. Tell my friend Rachel I’m sorry. Tell my mother I’m sorry. Tell Rachel to take care of my cats. I’m sorry for wasting taxpayers’ money.” An NYPD cop dramatically grabbed Ramos before she could begin falling, saving her life. But here is what really makes us want to hug a police officer (and Telly Ramos) today:

Ramos — who was reeling from the recent loss of her job and boyfriend — immediately asked for a cigarette when she was saved.

Awwww. Now if McTague could only get her to stop smoking.

Update: Ramos did not lose her job, at Final Cut Inc., after all. “She didn’t come to work, and we reached out to a network of her friends,” an editor at the company said. “She’s very, very talented and very, very smart — exceptionally so. She’s worked for us for about two years, and we’re very happy she’s employed here.” [NYP]

25-Year-Old Lower East Side Woman Saved From Suicide