Times: Mayor Bloomberg Was Right, Anthony Weiner Has No Friends

New Yorkers are standing by him, but Anthony Weiner’s colleagues want him out of office. Why is that? Yesterday, Cindy Adams quoted Mayor Bloomberg as saying: “Notice, nobody’s defended Anthony. Like Spitzer, he had no friends.” There might be something to that claim. Today the Times looks at the “unusually distant relationship Mr. Weiner has with many of his colleagues.” They find, basically, that in addition to being a sext maniac, he is also kind of a jerk. He trash talks during sporting events that he takes way too seriously. He brags and bullies. And he doesn’t make an effort to make friends. “He does not care much about those he serves with,” claims the paper. “And they do not care too much about him.”

His grandstanding over the 9/11 rescue-workers bill was a point of particular frustration for his Democratic allies, because — while it earned a lot of attention for him — it made coalition building with Republicans much more difficult. But this little anecdote from the Times is by far the most telling:

Duh. It’s hard to make friends when you have to send filthy texts to strange young women all the time. Doesn’t anyone understand?

Brash Style Alienates Congressman From Peers [NYT]

Times: Mayor Bloomberg Was Right, Anthony Weiner Has No Friends