What Did Anthony Weiner Buy at Jonathan Adler?

Pictured here is disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner returning to his Queens home today. This paparazzi shot has appeared in both tabloids and all over the Internet today. Most prominent in it are a number of bags from Citarella — obviously, step one to earning back your humiliated wife’s heart is to cook a nice, nay, fabulous dinner. But according to the photo evidence, Anthony went further than that. He also stopped by the store of potter Jonathan Adler, where he is a regular customer, to pick up a trinket. We presume the gift was for Huma Abedin, his wife, who has recently returned to New York. But when we called Jonathan Adler, a spokesman would only say, “We don’t like to comment on our good customers.” Which leaves it to us to guess what he bought.

Was it…

The Salvador Vase, a tall, robust tube with a jovial mustache on it?

Kiki’s Derrier, a bulbous, curvaceous flower holder?

The Luciana Vase, which defies description?

The Edie Vase, which one presumes was not named after either of the starring characters in Grey Gardens?

The Legume Vase, because, I don’t know, some people like that?

The Banana Bud Vase? Yeah, it was definitely the Banana Bud Vase.

What Did Anthony Weiner Buy at Jonathan Adler?