Justin Bieber Proves Daily Intel Wrong

At ground zero in May, Barack Obama promised Payton Wall, the daughter of a 9/11 victim, that he’d find a way for her to meet Justin Bieber. Daily Intel, heart wizened and mind jaded, scolded Obama for getting a girl’s hopes up. “He finally managed to get one big thing done and then he goes and gets himself into a new quagmire during the victory lap,” Intel Jessica wrote. But Justin Bieber is someone who never says never. He tweeted back at Intel: “”I think you’re wrong. pretty sure President @BarackObama will keep this promise.”

How could we have ever doubted you and your scheduling team, Justin? With the launch of his new perfume, Someday, in New York Thursday he took time off from the stampeding wildeteens outside Macy’s to visit with Wall, her sister, and her best friend in the back of the store.

How did Bieber introduce himself? “He just said ‘Hi,’” Wall said, “He didn’t even look real.” Perhaps because he has been assembled to make girls scream and grandmothers swoon. Bieber, never one to forget what really matters, then asked the girls if they were wearing the new perfume. And finally, the fairy tale ended when they took a picture with a life-size cutout of Obama, giggled like the schoolchildren they were, and then cut a lock of his hair for “safekeeping.” Or they just took the picture. Either way, yes, Justin Bieber, you are a god among boys. No blogger will ever doubt you again.

Justin Bieber answers O plea to meet 9/11 teens [NYP]

Justin Bieber Proves Daily Intel Wrong