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Woman Who Earned Reported $1 Billion From Divorce Files for Bankruptcy

Patricia Kluge became known as “the wealthiest divorcée in history” when she came into a reported $1 billion by splitting from media mogul John Kluge in 1990. (Nobody knows exactly how much Kluge got out of her divorce, but the lowest estimates are around $1 million in cash per year.) With that windfall, she did what any onetime adult film star would do: hosted parties for royalty and moguls at a new 300-plus-acre estate in Virgina, where she produced and bottled her own wine for fun. One billion wasted dollars later, Kluge and her third husband, William Moses, have defaulted on loans, racked up a reported $46 million in liabilities, and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. [Page Six/NYP, WSJ, Politico]

$1 Billion Divorcee Files for Bankruptcy