Woman Who Corresponded With Weiner: He Said He Was Stalking Me

Meagan Broussard, 26, tells ABC News today that she was one of the six women that Anthony Weiner admitted to corresponding with over Facebook and Twitter over the past three years. Over the course of their exchanges, which occurred in the last two months, she says he sent her graphic images, including one of his naked erect penis. This is how it started:

Broussard said her first contact with Weiner occurred on April 20 after she “liked” a YouTube clip of one of Weiner’s speeches that had been posted to his Facebook page. She also commented — “hottttt” — on the link, which is still publicly visible on Weiner’s page and has received hundreds of other comments from Facebook users. Weiner “almost immediately” added Broussard as a Facebook friend through his personal profile account, she said. And she accepted his request. According to Broussard, the two immediately began messaging through Facebook chat, eventually exchanging “hundreds of messages,” many of a sexual nature.

According to Broussard, he would start out exchanges like this: “just good morning, how are you doing, what are you doing today? What are you wearing? What do you like? You know, in the bedroom, you know, that sort of thing.” At one point, she says she expressed uneasiness with their relationship. “You are not stalking me,” he said in response. “I am stalking you.”

Broussard is philosophical about the whole thing. “I don’t think he has any control over what he’s doing in this area,” she said. “[At first] I didn’t think it was him … I thought for sure, ‘Why would someone in that position be doing this?’”

Rep. Anthony Weiner: ‘The Picture Was of Me and I Sent It’ [ABC News]

Woman Who Corresponded With Weiner: He Said He Was Stalking Me