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Allen West Sometimes Forgets He’s Not in the Army Anymore

The fallout from Florida congressman Allen West’s e-mail tirade against fellow Florida congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been just as bizarre as West himself. West told the Huffington Post yesterday that he had apologized to Wasserman Schultz (here’s the audio), but a spokeswoman soon insisted that the report was “absolutely false,” and this morning West told Fox Business News that an apology is “not happening.” In fact, his spokeswoman says, West is “waiting on an apology from the congresswoman,” which, we think it’s safe to say, is also definitely not happening.

However, while not apologizing, West did try to at least explain his nasty and misogynistic language. “There are certain ways we speak in the military and I guess I have not learned the D.C. insider talk that these people are used to,” he told Fox Business Network. And by “D.C. insiders,” he means “sane people.”

Meanwhile, both West and Wasserman Schultz are fund-raising off of the incident, so maybe this was ultimately a worthwhile experience for both of them after all.

Will Allen West apologize? ‘That is not happening’ [Buzz/St. Petersburg Times]

Allen West Sometimes Forgets He’s Not in the Army Anymore