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British MP Wants to Question Murdoch Again

Rupert James Murdoch might be recalled for more phone-hacking-related questioning in front of the British Parliament. Labour MP Tom Watson also wants to call in ex–News of the World editor Colin Myler and former NOTW legal chief Tom Crone to give evidence to a committee.

Watson told the BBC’s Newsnight show that re-questioning Murdoch will allow the MPs to “get to the bottom of this, find the facts and Parliament can then move on and let the police do their inquiry.” He will request a recall from the committee on Friday. This is based around Murdoch telling the MPs he wasn’t aware of an e-mail (the “for Neville” e-mail) that implied that the hacking was more widespread than a “rogue” reporter. Myler and Crone have disputed this claim, while Murdoch sticks to his guns. If they do all come in for questioning soon, let’s hope that Wendi Deng is there to save it from being completely tedious.

Phone hacking: Murdoch may be recalled by MPs [BBC]

This post has been updated to remove an erroneous reference to Rupert Murdoch being potentially requestioned.

British MP Wants to Question Murdoch Again