DSK’s Ex-Wife to Sue Tristane Banon’s Mother

This story just keeps getting more complicated: On Monday, we brought you news that Anne Mansouret confessed to having sex with Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 2000, not too long before he allegedly tried to rape her daughter, French journalist Tristane Banon. Now DSK’s second wife, Brigitte Guillemette — Tristane’s godmother and often referred to as a good friend of Mansouret’s — says she’s considering filing a defamation lawsuit against her “friend” for the confession. In an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur, she said: “None of what that woman says is true: I am not one of her close friends, my daughter Camille was never a friend of Tristane Banon’s.”

This incestuous state of affairs just gets messier and messier. According to Brigitte, Tristane did not even meet her daughter Camille until after the DSK attacked her. She called up Camille seemingly out of the blue, mentioned she’d interviewed her father, and would love to get coffee and chat about it, which the girls then did. It wasn’t until a second meet-up in a Latin Quarter café, supposedly, that Tristane told Camille about the sexual assault.

Two things seem stinky-fishy here. First off, that Tristane got Camille’s phone number from none other than DSK himself. Granted, she may have asked him for his daughter’s digits before he began pawing her, but odd then that DSK didn’t forewarn his daughter to ignore all calls from a certain young female journalist. Secondly, Tristane took the news to Camille only after telling her mother and a lawyer what happened, so what was she hoping to achieve with that? Well, whatever else the suit accomplishes, French prosecutors are probably going to be kept busy unraveling just how many people knew about the Tristane Banon case.

DSK’s ex-wife: “Nothing that Ann Mansouret says is true” [Le Nouvel Observateur]

DSK’s Ex-Wife to Sue Tristane Banon’s Mother