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High-Stakes Foxy Brown ‘Mooning’ Trial Dismissed

About a year ago, fading hip-hop star Foxy Brown (is she famous for anything except getting in fights anymore?) was accused of mooning her neighbor Arlene Raymond, in violation of an order of protection. The two have long-standing beef, which has even landed Brown in jail at one point. And now a judge has tossed the mooning “charge” after Raymond refused to testify. But never fear, Brown’s defense team had a plan just in case it went to trial.

From the Post:

Better be careful, Foxy. If anything’s going to get a woman to come back and testify, it’s pulling the “you’re just jealous” maneuver. Meanwhile, when the Post asked Foxy if she was wearing any underwear for her court appearance, she just replied: “No comment.”

Brooklyn judge drops charge against Foxy Brown in mooning case [NYP via VV]

High-Stakes Foxy Brown ‘Mooning’ Trial Dismissed