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Negotiating With Goldman Sachs

Lucas Van Praag, Goldman Sachs’ head of public relations, figures prominently — more prominently than he’d like, for sure — in my story this week about the firm’s CEO, Lloyd Blankfein. Being the point person for the world’s most vilified investment bank can’t be fun, but Lucas is grace under pressure; he never lost his cool and even managed a (slightly hysterical) laugh when I asked his boss why Lucas hadn’t been fired, while Lucas looked on. Like Lloyd, he’s also funny, even when he’s being less than helpful, as you can see from this excerpt of one of our many conversations.

Pressler: I want to speak to someone who can give me a sense of what Lloyd’s day-to-day is like.

LVP: Well, he gets up, he brushes his teeth …

Pressler: Not from YOU; you’re not there for all of it.

LVP: I do the flossing.

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Negotiating With Goldman Sachs