ink-stained wretches Will Cease to Exist on July 19

Right now if you go to, you’ll see a basic magazine website, updated with content from the print version of the mag and a top navigation bar that directs you to content on its sister site, But starting July 19, we hear, will no longer exist. Instead that URL will redirect users to a channel on the Daily Beast site, like its current “politics,” “entertainment,” and “fashion” verticals. The Newsweek channel will still have all the archived magazine content from before (unlike Time, Newsweek puts all of its print content online), and it will be edited and updated once a day to rotate features. Newsweek/Daily Beast editor Tina Brown and Chief Digital Officer Daniel Blackman decided it made the most sense to have all-new non-magazine content appear on the Beast homepage. As it is, that’s how the system has been working for some weeks now, but the death of the URL marks the official end of what was once a fully staffed and hugely trafficked site in its own right. Will Cease to Exist on July 19