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The 24-Year-Old Assistant Who Likes Having Her Face Licked

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the 24-Year-Old Assistant Who Likes Having Her Face Licked: female, administrative assistant, Upper East Side, 24, straight, in a relationship.

7:04 a.m.: My nephew’s cries wake me up. I have no idea where I am. I turn around and remember I’m at my sister’s country house. Normally I would be with my boyfriend, but he’s been on vacation out of the country for ten days with a spotty Internet connection. I’m irrationally upset with him for being gone so long. SIGH. Roll over and fall back asleep.

10:14 a.m.: Driving back to the city. My boyfriend comes back today! I miss him so much and have felt lonely the past week. Even though I know it wasn’t his fault, I am sad I haven’t heard from him more. I hope his flight isn’t late.
3:55 p.m.: Text from BF! He’s back in the U.S. but won’t be in the city for a few hours. I distract myself by smoking weed and cleaning the bathroom.
7:18 p.m.: I sneak past the doorman and ring his doorbell. He looks sleepy but I’m so happy to see him. We kiss and hug. He shows me photos from his trip and gives me my presents: chocolate, pressed flowers, and sea glass. He’s so cute.
9:15 p.m.: We order sushi and eat it in bed while watching TV.
10:08 p.m.: BF is fast asleep. I wanted to bang and am a little disappointed but understand he’s tired. There’s always tomorrow.

8:06 a.m.: I nudge my way into BF’s arms and wake him up. He’s come to life after passing out, and we make out. I explore and realize he’s already hard. He tells me to lick his nipples as he jacks off. I lick his face and nipples until he comes on my tummy. He asks me if I want to use my vibrator, but it’s late and I know that I’ll be late for work.
8:37 a.m.: We’re in the shower sudsing each other up. I bitch about how I’m going to be late. I joke that I’ll explain to my boss that I was just trying to get my boyfriend off.
9:25 a.m.: Waiting for the local train with BF. I used to take the express, but the morning is so much more bearable with him by my side.
6:31 p.m.: I’ve been thinking about tonight all day. All I want to do is bone my BF.
8:12 p.m.: We’re on BF’s roof. It’s a beautiful summer night. I crawl on his lap and tell him how much I missed him while he was gone. He apologizes for not being able to call more. I tell him I want to go to the beach one weekend, just the two of us, and he agrees. I am happy.
9:34 p.m.: We’re watching TV in bed. I put his hands in my pants hopefully but he just rests his fingers there. I have my period but it hasn’t really started. He used to be totally against sex on my period until I got really upset and told him how unfair it was. He’s being more flexible but still annoying about it. I tell him I’m horny and want to have sex. He agrees to it after he eats a Popsicle. Men.
10:09 p.m.: In the bathroom BF rubs coconut oil on my boobs, tummy, and vagina while I grab his hair and look in the mirror. I turn around, grab his dick and we kiss. Before I know it, we’re in the shower. We have sex, me bent forward with my foot up on the soap dish. The angle feels amazing, and I bend backward so the water hits my head, and BF knows to pull my hair. We decide to continue in his room, where I pull out the vibrator and he licks my ears and neck. He fingers me, and when I orgasm, I am as loud as possible because I know he loves it. Then I crawl on top of him and begin licking his nipples while he jacks off. He asks me to talk dirty to him. I’m no expert but like to please so I tell him how much I love his hard dick. It seems to be working so I make my way down to his dick and stay there until he comes.

8:18 a.m.: BF and I crawl into the shower. BF shaves, so I hop out and start my routine. When he’s done I hand him his towel, and we stand side-by-side getting ready for a few minutes. He tells me I have pretty eyes, exits, and puts water on the stove for my oatmeal. I love our mornings.
9:15 a.m.: I go to Dunkin Donuts and meet BF by the corner to take the subway together. Today he shows me a new zombie game on his phone. We both play until he kisses my cheek and gets off for work.
6:30 p.m.: My friend canceled, and BF wants to work out and clean his bathroom so I’m heading home. I’m feeling extra close to BF and still want to see him.
9:43 p.m.: Cab to BF’s place after working out and eating at my apartment. I just want to be with him and make up for our lost time.
12:07 a.m.: We fall asleep after watching TV naked and intermittently making out.

8:02 a.m.: I turn around and kiss BF’s back. He opens his arms and hugs me. We doze until the alarm goes off.
8:30 a.m.: BF washes my hair and massages my temples in the shower. My arms are around his waist as I lean my head back and smile. I absolutely love this.
5:30 p.m.: BF’s roomie invited us to his art opening, and in order to make it in time, BF offers to make us dinner.
7 p.m.: I wash the dishes and cut myself deeply with a knife. I yell out to BF as he grabs a napkin and holds my finger tight. He tells me he’ll wash that knife from now on, that it’s very sharp. He’s out of Band-Aids and doesn’t have Neosporin and I really want to cry.
7:10 p.m.: BF buys Band-Aids. He carefully sticks one on my finger and we walk to the subway. I feel calmer.
8 p.m.: BF’s roomie introduces me as “BF’s Girlfriend” to his work friends, and it still feels surreal after eight months of being “official.” I feel proud and happy. We wander around and have a great time at the show.
11:55 p.m.: In a year and a half, this is the most nights we’ve spent together. In bed I tell him how nice this week has been — how it feels like we’re living together — and he agrees. He kisses my nipples and plays with my hair while I grab his already-hard penis. He pulls me on top of him and I kiss his ears and nipples while he runs his hands down the back of my ass and legs, squeezing and then lightly spanking. I alternate between his nipples and his penis until he comes. He always tells me he loves me after he has an orgasm. I can’t tell if it makes me feel like a prostitute or if it’s cute.
12:45 a.m.: I’m sleepy and just want to cuddle. My period is also in full swing. He kisses my hair and we fall asleep.

7:15 p.m.: I meet my friend for dinner. Her first serious relationship ended a few months ago, and she’s crushing on a guy she met last weekend. She’s debating whether to text him or not about a concert this weekend, and I remember how nice it is to not have to play those stupid games anymore.
10:15 p.m.: In bed I text BF asking how his night was and tell him I want to kiss him. We text goodnight and I fall asleep.

7:16 p.m.: BF rings up and we kiss in the doorway. My roommate is out of town this weekend so we’re staying at my place.
7:45 p.m.: BF asks me if I want to go in on a “bang wedge,” a firm angled pillow to use during sex, for his roommate’s birthday. I say I won’t but that I’m sure some of his douchey friends would. BF gets upset because he wants me to like his friends. I tell him one of his friends kept hitting on me at BF’s birthday party, the other didn’t treat his girlfriend right, and another was immature and annoying. He says he hates when I say rude things out of nowhere and asks me why I hadn’t told him how I felt before.
8 p.m.: BF is quiet as we walk to dinner. I squeeze his hand and apologize again. He slowly warms up as we walk into a cute little Persian restaurant. We decide to sit outside and order a bottle of wine.
9:38 p.m.: Things are totally fine between BF and me after dinner. I don’t want to go home. He wants to go to my apartment and watch Working Girl but I want to stay out.
9:45 p.m.: I convince him to go to Brother Jimmy’s, a scene neither of us generally seeks out. We stand at the bar and drink and watch two different baseball games. BF is a huge baseball fan and always takes advantage of teaching me a thing or two about the sport.
12:30 a.m.: Three drinks later we’re wasted and horny. Walk back to my apartment.
12:32 a.m.: I slam the door, crawl on the couch, and grab BF’s face. We make out as he takes off my clothes. I feel silly and blast R. Kelly, but BF changes it to Ralph Servant because it’s much sillier to have sex to.
12:46 a.m.: We fool around for a little bit. I can’t remember much of the details, and a few minutes later I pass out in my bed.
3 a.m.: BF wakes up on the couch with Ralph Servant still blasting. He turns off the music and lights and crawls into bed with me. I giggle about how drunk we got.

11:26 a.m.: I spoon BF and kiss his back until he wakes up. He turns around, and we make out. I love his kisses. I turn my head and he licks my ears, and we both grab at each other’s groins. At his instruction, I grab the lube next to the bed, apply it, and crawl on top of him. I love rubbing myself on his body like this. When neither of us can hold out anymore, I put him inside of me, and we both groan. I ride on top of him and then I lie on my back. We do missionary and then doggy-style, my favorite. I grab BF’s legs from behind. I can tell he is getting tired so I turn around and ask him to lick my face and ears while I use my vibrator. Within a few minutes I know I’m about to come and let BF know. This always makes him rock hard. As soon as I’m done, I crawl on BF and lick his nipples and his face while he jacks off to orgasm.
3:45 p.m.: We stop at Duane Reade for water when I see a grill for $20. We buy the water, grill, and charcoal, and we both text some friends that we’re throwing a party on my roof!
4 p.m.: We cool off watching Working Girl and eating Popsicles on my couch. I am anxious and want to go get everything for the party but BF reminds me that we have plenty of time and we should relax.
5:37 p.m.: I end up loving the movie, and we go out for groceries, beer, and tequila. As far as I’m concerned, every rooftop party needs a pitcher of margaritas.
8:12 p.m.: Fourteen people gather in a circle among towels and chairs, pass a joint, drink, and eat. I look across the circle and see BF talking and am so happy we’re together.
10:16 p.m.: Throughout the night BF and I run from my apartment to my roof doing host responsibilities, and it feels like a true team effort.
1:03 a.m.: My closest friends stay to help bring down trash to the basement. We all say out goodbyes and vow to do this again.
1:25 a.m.: Finally alone, we tenderly make out. Maybe it was the tequila, but hosting a successful dinner party with him meant a lot more to me than I thought it would.
1:58 a.m.: We’re naked in bed. We try to have sex but we’re both too drunk and tired. Agree to tomorrow morning. Pass out.

TOTALS: Two acts of actual sex; three make-out sessions, two hand jobs to orgasm; two orgasms with a vibrator, two blow jobs to orgasm.

The 24-Year-Old Assistant Who Likes Having Her Face Licked