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The Consultant in an Open Relationship Who Has Sex Nearly Twice a Day

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Consultant in an Open Relationship Who Has Sex Nearly Twice a Day: male, consultant, Williamsburg, 40-something, heteroflexible, in a nonmonogamous relationship.

11:45 a.m.: In a daze after yesterday’s sex-party yacht cruise off the Jersey shore. My girlfriend and I weren’t into most of the partygoers, but we ran into a few friends on the boat … and fucked them. Plus we brought our own playmate, a beautiful grad student visiting from Europe, where she was “offered,” blindfolded and bound, to a group of strangers. The grad student has been staying with us for the holiday weekend, but today she has to travel back to her university.

4:30 p.m. GF and I can’t keep our hands off each other. I eat her out, flip her over on her stomach, and fuck her from behind while she buzzes herself with her JimmyJane Form2 vibrator (the best sex-toy purchase I’ve ever made). She comes like a steam whistle. I can hear the upstairs neighbors laughing when she’s done. They must get a huge kick from living above us. Funny, but I’ve heard sex coming from upstairs only once in two years. I think we have the better part of that arrangement.
9:30 p.m.: We decide to get to bed early. We start reminiscing about the boat party, which leads us to talking about me fucking her friend, a petite, lusty Filipina who we were surprised to see there. GF starts sucking me, and, soon enough, I’m hard. I set my girlfriend up in her favorite position: on her back, legs bent back toward her head, me on my knees with my cock up against her G-spot. She builds into another screaming orgasm. As is usually the case, I don’t come, but the intensity of the sex fills my head with a dizzy energy. I don’t care if I come or not, frankly. We fall asleep in each other’s arms.

7:15 a.m.: Back to workaday reality. Girlfriend is still hyped up from the weekend, though. I slide in her from the side and then add in two fingers. Then I grab her vibrator, place it in her hand and guide her hand downward. Twenty seconds later, she’s orgasming. A few minutes later, I get on my knees and come in her mouth and on her shoulders. We make out, and she moans at how dirty I’m happy to be.
10 a.m.: Girlfriend has tentative plans to meet one of her lovers tonight, so I e-mail friends and a couple of lovers, trying to figure out something to do this evening. Everyone’s busy or out of town, so I look forward to a quiet evening at home. I haven’t watched porn in a while,
4 p.m.: Girlfriend e-mails to tell me her lover is stuck out of town. She wants to know if I want the apartment to myself tonight to entertain one of my lovers. I convince her to stick around for a quiet evening of cocooning.
7 p.m.: Girlfriend’s made dinner, a rare event. Usually I cook. We eat in the garden, laugh, drink, smoke, talk, kiss.
9 p.m.: GF has a surprise. She switches unexpectedly into “dom” mode, takes out our flogger, strips me roughly, and begins to beat my ass, back, and legs. It hurts like crazy, but I love her power. She takes a break and gives me a rough massage on my upper back and neck. I try to just enjoy being her toy. She turns me on my back and roughly massages my face, jaw, and chest. She then pulls out a butt plug and begins fucking me with it. She flips me over and starts slapping my face, which she knows I hate but knows I will endure, for her. She sees the tears in my eyes, bends down to kiss them, and slaps me again. Then she gets on top of me and we have sex, which quickly switches to a 69 where I’m struggling for air. She suddenly orders me to get behind her and fuck her to completion, while keeping the butt plug in my ass. I do as commanded. Twenty seconds later, she has another orgasm.

6:30 a.m.: Wake up in GF’s arms. We have sex at least twice a day, after fourteen months together. We have another slow fuck. She comes and then asks me to finish in her mouth. Exchange “I love you”s, a shower, and off to work.
3 p.m.: Work interrupted occasionally by obscene text from GF. I love this woman’s dirty, dirty mind. She writes that we’ll be entertaining a couple from the cruise this weekend. She’s arranged to have them come to dinner at our place and then the underground bisexual play party after.
10:30 p.m.: Home after jazz concert to GF, who’s sitting in the muggy apartment naked on the couch “working on her thesis.” We move into the bedroom. I eat her out for ten minutes. Inspired, I invent a new position on the fly. I flip her on her stomach, spread her legs and bend them upward at the knees so her heels are touching her ass cheeks. I lean my weight into her and push each leg hard into her body. I put the thumb of my left hand in her asshole and two fingers of my right hand in her cunt. I fuck her with my hands and then also with my tongue. She screams an orgasm into the pillow. I sink into her. She builds to another orgasm and comes. By this point, we’re both exhausted. I collapse next to her, and we cuddle and drift off to sleep.

6:30 a.m.: Surprisingly, I’m still incredibly horny. I begin teasing her with my lips and tongue. I spank her ass and admire the red handprints I’m marking her with. Then we have sex, the bed squeaking furiously. I’m impatient. I push her body quickly against the mattress over and over, using the springs to bounce her up and down. She comes and then I do. After, I kiss her, tell her I love her, and make her a morning latte.
1 p.m.: Girlfriend e-mails to announce she’s gotten her period. Good. I love fucking her when she’s bloody. Before me, she had never been with a man who was willing to touch her below the waist during her period. Now loves it. Something to look forward to, although I know she prefers to wait a day or two once she gets her period before we indulge. That’s fine. I’m a patient man.
8 p.m.: Home after a long, tiring, stressful day at work. Girlfriend has made dinner. Twice in one week. That’s a new record. We chat about our plans for our double date with the other couple. GF doesn’t want to be too active sexually on Saturday because of her period, but she wants me to have complete freedom. We agree to play it by ear and see where the vibe takes us.
10 p.m.: We’re both exhausted, so we kiss goodnight and retire to our separate bedrooms to sleep. My snoring often wakes her up, which prompts her to wake me up, so we’ve decided to give each other uninterrupted slumber tonight. But first, I lie in bed, watch a favorite porn scene, and masturbate. Coming is a great soporific.

6:30 a.m.: Wake up horny, masturbate. Go for a run, shower, and make GF coffee. She looks amazing all naked, lazy and languid in bed. I kiss her and tell her I missed her last night. No time for sex, though. Work calls.
1 p.m.: GF e-mails to ask if it’s okay to meet her lover who canceled on her earlier in the week for drinks tonight. Of course it is, I tell her, and ask her to let me know if she wants me to stay out late. She reminds me of her period and says it’s not likely they’ll do anything other than meet for drinks.
11:30 p.m.: GF comes home from seeing her lover, happy and playful. After a hello kiss, she announces, “He came all over my face!” I laugh out loud, and we chat about her evening, which was mostly drinks and talk, but then detoured into a discussion, and then a viewing of porn. One thing led to another.
12 a.m.: The sex we had is kind of a blur. Intense. At turns hard and deep, then gentle and slow.

4:30 p.m.: GF comes home, announces she wants sex. I protest that I have to prepare dinner, but she’s not having it. We go to my bed and have a 30-minute quickie.
8 p.m.: The couple join us in the garden to grill. It’s a beautiful evening. The food is just right, and we chat and laugh easily.
11:30 p.m.: After briefly considering whether to blow off the party, we give each other a pep talk and head out the door. When we arrive, a queer burlesque act is in progress, and we duck into the coat check to change into our outfits and then get a drink. Girlfriend and I are talking with a female friend, a lawyer, and I ask her, jokingly, “How many lawyers does it take to make a threesome?” She laughs and sputters trying to think of a response that she never quite manages.
1 a.m.: Later, I suddenly decide I want sex. I ambush Girlfriend at the top of the stairs to the play space and push her against the wall. I start to stroke her beautiful body, clad in a see-through stretch dress, and crouch to my knees and go down on her as people look in. I move her over to an open bed, and we begin a long, intense session of fucking, while various people cycle in and out to touch or kiss her. She has a volcanic orgasm. She wants to go home and fuck more in privacy. I smile, we get up, and are out the door fifteen minutes later and in a cab home.
3 a.m.: She’s drunk and flirty. We stumble to her bed and lose the clothes. Lying on my back, I put a butt plug up my ass in front of her and masturbate, not allowing her to touch me. After teasing her, I pull her on top of me and fuck her. I put her on her back, with my butt still plugged, and kneel on my knees and keep going. She describes the resulting orgasm as the most intense of her life. I fuck her again, and she comes, screaming. We fall asleep with the butt plug still up my ass.

2:45 p.m.: We sit down to work. Not long after, she looks up from her computer and announces she wants to have sex. It’s slow and delicious. She comes intensely, and then I do, too. Much freaking out ensues when she sees how much blood we got on her sheets.
4 p.m.: We talk about taking a day off from sex tomorrow. I’m physically spent, and her pussy is sore. I remind her that she had talked about luring a friend over tonight to join us in bed. We agree to see what happens. If her friend wants it and jumps us, we’ll be happy victims.

TOTALS: eleven sex sessions; eight acts of cunnilingus; five blow jobs, six orgasms (mine); thirteen orgasms (hers); two acts of anal sex (being penetrated); two acts of anal sex (penetrating); one sex party attended.

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The Consultant in an Open Relationship Who Has Sex Nearly Twice a Day