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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reemerges

Since this May, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been keeping a pretty low profile, for obvious reasons. Recently, however, he’s been signaling his readiness to return to his natural place in the spotlight, lingering scandal be damned.

In June, he returned to Twitter. This September, he begins filming Jee-Woon Kim’s Last Stand, a Western in which he has the starring role, his first since he left the governor’s office. And, on Thursday, he made his first post-love-child-revelation speech in California:

He never mentioned his marital problems in his appearance before a business group at a downtown hotel, or his admission of fathering his now-teenage son with the former maid, Mildred Baena. The crowd gave him a standing ovation, and applauded him warmly after he recounted how he teamed with business leaders to reform the state’s workers’ compensation laws.

He gave a glossy recounting of his uneven years in Sacramento, cherry-picking accomplishments such as redistricting reform and never mentioning that the state economy has struggled for years.

Zing! That Arnie — you just cannot keep him from going out into the world and making bodybuilding jokes. Don’t even try.

Schwarzenegger Inches Back After Child Disclosure [AP via NYT]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reemerges