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Lost Monkey Doll Reunited With Weird Parents

The saga of the lost Beanie Baby monkey that has captivated, saddened, and most of all, disturbed so many of us over the past week has reached a happy conclusion.

Bongo was only reunited with his “parents” after they returned to Flatbush Avenue by Sterling Place on Saturday to hang more fliers pleading for its return, and [Jack] Zinzi approached [Luis] Barreto and some other men hanging out on the street and told them about Bongo and the reward.

Barreto realized he had Bongo and headed with the couple back to his pad for an emotional reunion.

It turns out that Barreto, an unemployed 61-year-old, had found Bongo on a parking meter last Tuesday, and was seduced by the monkey’s seemingly magical aura.

It was difficult for Barreto to part with Bongo, but if he wants, he can use his $500 reward to purchase one of the millions of identical Bongos that have been crapped out by some factory in China. It will set him back $5.

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Lost Monkey Doll Reunited With Weird Parents