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Check Out Rick Perry’s New Campaign Bus

Just one day after declaring his intentions, presidential candidate Rick Perry has unveiled his new campaign bus in Des Moines, Iowa, from which he’ll embark on his statewide bus tour on Monday. And, much like everything else commissioned by the Texas governor, the bus focuses on a single issue: jobs.

Get America Working Again,” reads the side of the vehicle, which Rick will roll into Waterloo, Iowa, this evening for a campaign dinner. But his bus won’t be the only one blocking the town’s driveways tonight: Ames Straw Poll victor Michele Bachmann will be also be at the dinner in Waterloo, the town in which she was hatched, and she’ll be bringing along the her own campaign vessel, which comes studded with snazzy social-media buttons.

Obviously, this is time to be asking incisive questions about how the candidates’ various vehicular decisions might affect their respective candidacies. Is Perry’s prominent, somewhat unorthodox use of the color black too grim or just grim enough? Why isn’t Michele Bachmann on Google+? Will Tim Pawlenty be taking a Greyhound or a Megabus back to Minnesota? And will Sarah Palin ever ride again? Come on, Republicans — the people demand answers.

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Check Out Rick Perry’s New Campaign Bus