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Couple Desperately Searches for Lost Child (Who Also Happens to Be a Monkey Doll)

A few months ago, the Daily brought us the fairly creepy story of an old gay couple that had raised a doll as their son for twenty years — taking it on vacations, throwing it birthday parties, and even getting it Bar Mitzvahed. Apparently, this is kind of a thing. The Brooklyn Paper reports today that 47-year-old Bonni Marcus and 58-year-old Jack Zinzi “have frantically papered Park Slope with fliers” offering a $500 reward for a lost monkey Beanie Baby. This is not their kid’s doll. This is their doll. Or more like … their son.

The doll has been a constant part of Marcus and Zinzi’s lives for 10 years now. The two adults are devastated enough to offer $500 to anyone who has happened across the wayward Beanie Baby 

Marcus, 47, and Zinzi, 58, are not in a romantic relationship with each other, but they regard Bongo as the son they never had.

Zinzi, a Park Slope native, bought Bongo at a discount store upstate a decade ago. He doesn’t recall the name, but he can’t forget the moment.

There was a whole bunch of stuffed animals, and Bongo caught my eye,” he said. “I thought it would be a great gift for Bonni — and we both became a little attached to it.”

Marcus felt the same way.

Yes, well. On the one hand, this is sad, because, however odd their attachment to the doll may be, Bongo’s disappearance is clearly a tough blow to Marcus and Zinzi. On the other hand … maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?

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Couple Desperately Searches for Lost Child (Who Also Happens to Be a Monkey Doll)