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Queens Was Battered With Baseball-Size Hail Yesterday

This summer’s weather has been nuttier than a Nuts 4 Nuts cart, by which we mean, it has been quite nutty, indeed! Barely a week after some of the hottest weather that the city has ever experienced, a freak hail storm in Queens around seven o’clock last night was intense enough to smash through car windshields and pull one local away from an episode of The King of Queens:

John D’Agostino had just finished dinner, and was settling in to watch a “King of Queens” re-run at his Flushing home, when the hail began falling.

I could hear these big noises on the roof,” said the 44-year-old office manager for the Social Security Administration.

“I have skylights so it sounded like the glass was going to break. We opened the door and looked outside and it was an ice storm.”

In one video posted to YouTube, you can see the absolutely enormous balls of ice bouncing on ground:

In another video, a resident, silently surveying the damage after the storm has ended, picks up one piece of hail about the size of Anne Coulter’s Adam’s apple:

And here’s what the barrage sounded like if you were standing under a metal overhang:

Queens Was Battered With Baseball-Size Hail Yesterday