damn you nature!

You Should Definitely Have Backup Weekend Plans

Here are some things you might have planned on doing this weekend: Going to the beach. Picnicking in the park. Having a barbecue. Going to a beer garden. Attending an outdoor concert. Taking a bike ride. Trying a new restaurant. Leaving your apartment.

It’s possible that none of those things will actually end up happening.

Hurricane Irene is barreling toward North Carolina as we speak, and some projections have it plowing right into New York by the weekend. If that scenario plays out, it could make the inconsequential earthquake we experienced yesterday seem … even more inconsequential. The Post reports:

Emergency management officials are gathering to prepare for the possibility that New York city residents would have to be evacuated if Hurricane Irene strikes the city.

New York City usually just gets the remnants of storms that were once hurricanes, not hurricanes themselves. When hurricanes have landed a direct hit, the precedent is pretty awful:

Belch vocalization!

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You Should Definitely Have Backup Weekend Plans