New York Man Apparently Unaware of Hustler Club’s Purpose

A Manhattan man named W.A. Ilg is suing Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club because he feels he was too drunk to consent to the nearly $30,000 in credit-card charges he made there. According to the Post:

W.A. Ilg says he went to the mammary mecca this past May 24 — and doesn’t remember much of what happened after that.

The club wrongfully served plaintiff excess alcoholic beverages such that plaintiff was no longer capable of conducting financial transactions,” Ilg said in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

After waking up and having an egg-and-cheese sandwich, Ilg demanded a refund, which the club refused to grant, because to do so would totally undermine their time-tested business plan: use pushy naked women to distract customers from high drink prices until they become drunk and no longer care. (Also, lap dances.) Nothing about the Hustler Club — cost or otherwise — is meant to be “reasonable,” yet people still feel compelled to go there to spend money, which is why Larry Flynt named his big, sexy empire what he did. Customers can be forgiven for thinking the title refers to them, but explaining the mistake seems unlikely to get anyone out of paying their tab.

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New York Man Apparently Unaware of Hustler Club’s Purpose